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Born out of the payments industry, technologi was created to change the way that providers do business.

About Us

technologi is part of NetPay Solutions Group, a business that has a history providing card processing services to businesses in the UK. Founded in 2012, the group set about trying to change the way providers engaged with merchants, removing what was then a manual, paper-based application process that made it impossible for data to be validated at the point of sale and resulted in applications with acquirers taking weeks to deliver. Whilst the world talked of the opportunity “fintech” would offer at the time the reality for merchants trying to get access to card processing services was somewhat different. The industry needed to change.

Our first Revolution version

In 2013, we launched the first version of our Revolution platform, our first step into making a change in the industry and working to improve the efficiency of boarding processes and reduce the delivery time for merchants. The platform integrated the ability to search and validate company date, address information, tax information and bank account details it also allowed for a full end to end electronic application process, it then submitted applications directly to acquirers for onward processing improving the accuracy of the application and the speed of delivery. It was a first in the market. As the business and technology developed, new capability was added including Analytics, Gateway and our self-service merchant portals and self-boarding.

Growth of technologi

In 2016, technologi became a dedicated subsidiary within the group created to support acquirers, payment facilitators, ISO’s and other financial services businesses with leading technology. The growth of this division, both in terms of customers and capability has been brisk. During 2017 and 2018 technologi has launched Prospect, its risk management and monitoring solution and Velocity, its transaction processing and money settlement platform. The business now serves merchants in 16 countries with the platform ready to serve merchants in some 35 countries with further expansion regions planned. Revolution manages almost 40% of merchant account applications in the UK, a material market share the business intends on replicating across other regions of the world.

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