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Our suite acts as the glue between the various platforms that exist within your acquiring business
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Our service suite for Acquirers

Often an acquiring business is made up of great capability but across segmented infrastructure and systems, regularly as a result of acquisition of capability over the years. There are considerable opportunities for growth within the acquiring space through a series of sales channels be those direct sales, partner or independent sales organisations as well as supporting emerging fintech businesses through sponsor or payment facilitator arrangements.

The challenge when attempting to capitalise on these opportunities is ensuring the technology that underpins the delivery can innovate at the front end and remove the friction when attempting to board customers signed up through these sales channels. After the customers are boarded, its then important to empower the sales channels and the customers with self-service capability to drive new opportunities and reduce overhead.

The technologi service suite acts as the glue between the various platforms that likely already exist within your acquiring business. Our role is to deliver the innovative service layer at the front end providing the sales channel and customer better opportunities to take advantage of your service, manage their service in-life and provide leading-edge new capability to differentiate your offer in a competitive market place.

In the case of emerging fintech’s and payment facilitator opportunities the technologi capability will allow you to support these customers to get to market quicker whilst meeting their compliance requirements and your own reporting obligations, offering a suite of API, UI or hybrid options.

Acquirer suite offers:
Product innovation

Innovate around the periphery, provide a services layer on top of existing infrastructure.

Adaptation as requirements change

Support changing merchant requirements, but also the opportunities present by partners and emerging fintech's.

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