As Consumers Demand More From Merchants, Merchants Demand More From Their PSPs


We recently had an article published on featuring our Managing Director, Carl Churchill, on the recent demands from PSPs.

Within the recent interview with, Carl shared his thoughts on the increasing demand from Merchants regarding their PSPs. Merchants are wanting to increase efficiency and don’t want to be bogged down by possible limitations when expanding geographically, for example. Below is an excerpt from our article, but we encourage you to read the full article over at

“Merchants want to get access to those capabilities quickly and simply, and not submit an application via paper and hope for the best in the next two or three weeks,” Churchill told PYMNTS in an interview.

“More and more merchants are just not happy with the basic capability that people used to win with five years ago,” Churchill explained. “Now, it’s about having an omnichannel presence and omnichannel payments capability where you support all of the different entry points for merchants and for their consumers to buy.”

Churchill said the company’s focus as an infrastructure provider has been to help payment providers give their merchant clients access to their various services in a fast and simple way, tying together payment provider services in a manner “that is quite unusual within the payments industry.”

Churchill added that it’s critical for PSPs to deliver these improved services to avoid losing brands to companies with newer platforms that make it simple, like Stripe. – JANUARY 12, 2022

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