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Revolution Enterprise

Revolution Enterprise is one of three aspects that make up the Revolution product family incorporating Enterprise, Analytics and Gateway. Enterprise supports a wide range of acquiring banks, retail banks and independent payments businesses across a growing global footprint.

The Challenge

In an on-demand generation, customer requirements and expectations of the banking industry and the services they consume has changed dramatically over the past decade. The challenge for the participants within the sector is not only about keeping up with the change but also ensuring that the platforms and services that underpin the providers capability, also support the fast-paced evolution of the market as well as provide the opportunity for differentiation against its competitors. Customers expect close to real time delivery of banking products and services but this presents a challenge to service providers who operate disparate platforms, paper based applications, cumbersome boarding processes and tight regulation.

How does it work?

Revolution Enterprise is a web based application. It works across multiple platforms, securely hosted by technologi with the option to also host within your own network or using shared cloud services such as AWS. Enterprise not only provides the ability to capture the customer information required to establish a service but also acts as the glue between various data sources and third-party applications to deliver a “joined up” experience as well as eliminate paperwork, reduce the resource needed for application keying or the necessity to duplicate data across multiple systems. Revolution Enterprise is a non-intrusive system, acting as an overlay to the existing infrastructure and systems that need to remain in place. It behaves as the front end for customer boarding as well as empowering customers to effectively manage their service. Merchants have visibility of their orders; live services, service settings as well as gaining automated updates on the delivery progress for new applications. As a hierarchical platform financial institutions can create a tiered system providing restricted visibility and effective control and access to information.

Supports multiple sales channels

Provides an effective boarding capability and application management tool for sales performed both face to face as well as over the phone.

Increase successful application to live service conversions

Capturing all the necessary information at point of sale using validated data sources, removing the need for paper work to be completed by post, automating factors such as ID and verification for AML purposes

Reduce the cost of application processing

Removes the need for the material level of FTE typically involved in the keying and re-keying of applications.

Reduce the level of application failures

By insisting that mandatory information is supplied at the time of application and not progressing until such information is supplied as well as validating address, bank account and other information.

Speed up service delivery times

Removing the need for excessive manual intervention, duplicate data entry, manually interfacing with 3rd party suppliers or inputting data into 3rd party systems.

Integrate with third party applications

The glue between systems, providing an efficient front end to capture information, pushing this information to other systems internally or provided by 3rd parties to support service delivery.

Pricing and margin management

Capability for administration users to create and manage pricing profiles across all services provided to speed up the application process, also providing the ability to effectively manage margin.

Improve customer experience

Supports a dramatic improvement in customer experience. Users can effectively respond to customer demands quickly, delivering upon requirements faster than ever before.

Revolution Analytics

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Revolution Gateway

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"It's so convenient - Revolution enterprise has dramatically reduce the time it takes me to board my customers - freeing up more time for me to put in to my business
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