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Our service suite for Independent Sales Organisations

As an ISO you want your focus to be on building and growing your market share, increasing the efficiency of your boarding processes and merchant management processes and reduce the cost of delivery across your sales channels. In a competitive market place, you also want options for differentiation over and above the core capability you consume from the acquirer. With the technologi capability – you have all this capability and more. With technologi you have access to arguably more integrations with acquirers, hardware manufactures and valued added service providers than any other solution in the market. Through these extensive integrations you have the option to recruit merchants through self-boarding, field sales, telephone sales and partner/agent sales all through a single platform and take the customer experience from initial interest through to submission to the acquirer and provisional acceptance in a matter of minutes, increasing your conversion, speeding up your time to revenue and reducing your application drop out. With extensive transaction reporting and analytics it also takes the guess and assumption work out of merchant management and allows you to identify the revenue opportunity from transaction activity on an on-going basis rather than simply waiting for the commission report to arrive from the acquirer. The technologi service suite allows you to take control of your ISO operation, improve efficiency and drive revenue opportunity. Please make a selection from our recommended services for ISO’s to learn more about our capability.

  • Takes the guess work our of your commission.
  • Value add to your merchants.
  • Improve boarding efficiency field, over the phone.
  • Merchant self-boarding and through your partners / agents.


Boarding solutions (customer self-boarding, face to face and telephone boarding) utilising extensive 3rd party data integrations for efficiency and validation at point of sale. Acts as the umbrella across your internal systems, connecting you with your customer


big data analytics, used to create insight and identify trends within raw financial transaction data. Analytics provides a graphical insight as well as summary data that can be used to support informed decisions both for service provider and the customer.