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What is Revolution

Revolution is the leading global customer on-boarding and service management platform for the payments industry. Through automation and extensive 3rd party data integration it allows acquirers, payment facilitators, ISOs and payment service providers to board merchants quickly and efficiently without increasing the potential risk, reducing the level of application fall out, reducing the cost of delivery, shortening the time to revenue and improving the customer experience. Revolution has a growing global footprint, currently serving merchants across 16 countries with a platform translated into 8 languages. It is truly the leading multi-region, multi-currency, multi-language solution.

Partner, Direct and Self-Boarding

Document Management

Data Search and Validation

Customer Communication

Offer Management

Internal System Integration

External Vendor Integration

Service Delivery

Electronic Signature Capability

Prospect AML and Credit Risk

Revolution highlights

Support Multiple Sales Channels

Revolution provides an effective boarding and application management tool for sales performed face to face, over the phone and through customer self service ensuring you can provide multi-channel sales in one platform.

Increase the Application Conversion percentage

Through automating factors such as ID and verification for AML, integrated digital signature capability and validated data sources, Revolution reduces the risk of customer fallout thus increasing your sales conversion rate.

Reduce the cost per application and live service

By avoiding re-keying of data for application creation and in-life management, Revolution removes the need to resource ensuring a considerable reduction in overheads.

Decrease the application failure rate

Revolution can insist upon mandated fields ensuring data is both captured and electronically validated prior to submission generating fewer returns and rejected applications.

Faster delivery times

With 3rd party integration to hardware suppliers, acquirers and CRMs, a reduced amount of manual intervention is required improving the speed of delivery.

3rd party integration

Revolution is the glue between systems providing an efficient front end to capture and validate information whilst interfacing with your own internal systems ensuring a smooth internal process.

Pricing, margin and offer management

Extensive pricing and offer management capability allows you to control the offers made available based on your own pre-defined criteria.

Improved customer experience

Improved customer experience with increased customer response through live tracking of applications, Revolution ensures your merchants can be responded to timely and accurately.

Compatible with Prospect

Prospect is technologi’s credit, risk management and underwriting solution. When integrated into Revolution, it allows the boarding journey to incorporate full underwriting allowing for end to end automated service delivery without increasing potential liability or exposure.

technologi, provider of financial services technology

technologi is a provider of customer boarding, risk management, in-life maintenance, big data analytics, money settlement and gateway services.

Our non-intrusive technology allows our customers to create a service layer to deliver exceptional customer experiences and market leading innovation without reinventing their core platform or increasing their appetite to risk, but whilst improving efficiency and reducing application drop out.

Tailored service suites for you business

Innovate around the periphery, provide a services layer on top of existing infrastructure.

Payment Facilitator

Obtain and maintain compliance. Meet on-going obligations. Open up opportunities without taking unnecessary risk.

ISO (Independent Sales Organisation)

Improve boarding efficiency field, over the phone. Merchant self-boarding through your partners / agents.

Bank/Financial Services

Implement fintech style capability in even the most mature environments.


Boarding solutions (customer self-boarding, face to face and telephone boarding) utilising extensive 3rd party data integrations for efficiency and validation at point of sale. Acts as the umbrella across your internal systems, connecting you with your customer.


Customer credit and fraud risk assessment platform, calculating the risk of doing business with customers when boarding as well as a comprehensive in-life risk management platform, analysing big data to identify and respond to trends as they emerge.


Money settlement platform, that imports and rates transaction data, calculates settlement batches for onward distribution to customers. It has extensive functionality including the ability to set deposit, fixed and rolling reserves.


Big data analytics, used to create insight and identify trends within raw financial transaction data. Analytics provides a graphical insight nd summary data that can be used to support informed decisions both for service provider and the customer.

Why work with technologi

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Extensive integrations

More 3rd party data providers, more acquirers, more tools and more integrated features than any other solution.

Time to market

Get your capability to market quicker using the technologi ecosystem.

One global solution

Extensive global coverage, you focus on your product roll-out, we will make it happen for you around the world.

Pick what you need

Don’t contract to capability you don’t need, pick and choose the suite combination to fit your requirements.

Focus on your core capability

Don’t be distracted from your core capability, let us provide the service layer for you to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

API, UI or hybrid

All the options to suit whichever way you want to take advantage

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