We recently had an interview to discuss the war on ID fraud


The increase of card payments has increased sevenfold since the pandemic. This has equally increased the risk of fraud. Our technologi Managing Director Carl Churchill discusses the risks which come with card payments with PYMNTS.com in further detail.

“Inevitably, when you get growth in anything, particularly in payments that switch from traditional payment methods to digital payments, you’re still going to get an increase in fraud,” Carl explains.

“The payments business not only has to think about creating products to help their consumer to mitigate fraud, but they also have to think about what are the tools that they have within their own payments business that they can utilize to try and protect themselves from merchant fraud,” Churchill said. “We’re seeing some really significant growth in it.”

“What we’ve got to try and do is look at how we might be able to be more creative with some of the POS technology to try and mitigate the challenges that merchants will face,” he added. “From a payments provider’s perspective, they need to provide the tools. Payments providers need to look at the fact that the market has changed to make sure that they’re adapting and creating their products to fit what the new world looks like.”

pymnts.com – FEBRUARY 22, 2022

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