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Our service suite for Payment Facilitators

As a payment facilitator you have ultimate flexibility over the solution provided to merchants and sub-merchants, ownership of the billing and service relationship and the opportunity to integrate the payments capability within your wider service proposition. With this flexibility however comes considerable responsibility with the regulator, the sponsor bank as well as the card schemes. When managed effectively the opportunity for payment facilitators is material but having the right infrastructure in place is essential. The technologi ecosystem supports payment facilitators to effectively manage customer boarding, meet AML and KYC/KYB regulatory requirements, effectively assess the credit and fraud risk of sub-merchants as well as manage in-life maintenance and monitoring. The platform also manages complex instructional funding and managed settlement requirements. The entire technologi solution provides all that is required for payment facilitators to go to market as well as satisfy the requirements of the regulator, your sponsor bank and the card schemes allowing you to focus on developing your core capability and letting technologi manage the systems that underpin your payments capability. Please make a selection from our recommended services for payment facilitators to learn more about our capability.

  • Obtain and maintain compliance.
  • Meet on-going obligations.
  • Open up opportunities without taking unnecessary risk.


Boarding solutions (customer self-boarding, face to face and telephone boarding) utilising extensive 3rd party data integrations for efficiency and validation at point of sale. Acts as the umbrella across your internal systems, connecting you with your customer


Customer credit and fraud risk assessment platform, calculating the risk of doing business with customers at the time of boarding as well as a comprehensive in-life risk management platform with big data transaction analysis to identify and respond to trends as they emerge


Money settlement platform, imports and rates transaction data, calculates settlement batches for onward distribution to customers. Extensive functionality including the ability to set deposit, fixed and rolling reserves