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Boarding solutions (customer self-boarding, face to face and telephone boarding) utilising extensive third-party data integrations for efficiency and validation at point of sale. Acts as the umbrella across your internal systems.

  • Support Multiple Sales Channels
  • Increase the application conversion percentage
  • Reduce the cost per application and live service.
  • Decrease the application failure rate.

Customer credit and fraud risk assessment platform, calculating the risk of doing business with customers when boarding, plus comprehensive in-life risk management platform, analysing big data to identify and respond to trends as they emerge.

  • On-boarding and risk management in one solution.
  • Create rules based on live experiences.
  • Dynamically amend rules and create triggers.
  • Simple and cost effective implementation.

Money settlement platform, that imports and rates transaction data, calculates settlement batches for onward distribution to customers. It has extensive functionality including the ability to set deposit, fixed and rolling reserves.

  • Speed up time to market with a proven product.
  • In-built deposit and reserve management.
  • Full reconciliation and reporting.
  • Billing, invoicing and statementing functionality.

Big data analytics, used to create insight and identify trends within raw financial transaction data. It provides a graphical insight and summary data that can be used to support informed decisions for service providers and customers.

  • The ability to present live data as it happens.
  • Insight into merchant behaviour and performance.
  • A valuable enhancement to reporting capability.
  • Analytics works with technologi‚Äôs other products.